Device Information

Tiny device goes anywhere.

Smaller than the surface of six postage stamps, this tiny device easily fits in purse or pocket.

It's powered by a long-life lithium polymer battery designed for mobile GPS, bluetooth and cell phone devices. This allows the MileReg device to gather log data for days or weeks without recharge.*

*Depending on use.

Teen GPS

How would you like to know the driving behavior of your teenager or anyone you allow to drive your car?

Whether you let the driver know MileReg is in the vehicle or not, you can gather speed, location, time, route and distance information easily.

Knowing the driving behavior of a teenager or other "at risk" driver benefits you, the driver and probably others on the road. Most people are good drivers but some drivers and teens especially have above the average number of tickets, stops by police or worse, accidents. Monitoring the behaviors of those that have demonstrated less than good judgement in their past driving behaviors improves safety for everyone and saves lives.
To monitor driving behavior you can choose to either let the driver know, or slip the MileReg GPS recorder into the car and retrieve the device later. Then simply connect to your computer's USB port and plot the route of the vehicle.
NOTE: MileReg can be used as a GPS tracking device forever without further cost. There are no monthly fees.

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  • MileReg 2.0 Software
    GPS logging device
    Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    Owner's Manual