Device Information

Tiny device goes anywhere.

Smaller than the surface of six postage stamps, this tiny device easily fits in purse or pocket.

It's powered by a long-life lithium polymer battery designed for mobile GPS, bluetooth and cell phone devices. This allows the MileReg device to gather log data for days or weeks without recharge.*

*Depending on use.

Best GPS Logger

Durable, flexible and without monthly fees, MileReg is small enough to use for many GPS tracking needs.

Take the device along on any type of outing to log miles, distance, route traveled and speed. Besides tracking vehicle mileage MileReg can be used for exercise activities including:

  • Running. Carry in pocket to track progress and improve running times.
  • Bicycling. Afix to bicycle or pocket to track bike routes.
  • Hiking. It is extremely useful to know routes hiked and time data.
NOTE: MileReg can be used as a GPS tracking device forever without further cost. There are no monthly fees.

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Purchase MileReg and Receive:
  • MileReg 2.0 Software
    GPS logging device
    Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    Owner's Manual