Device Information

Tiny device goes anywhere.

Smaller than the surface of six postage stamps, this tiny device easily fits in purse or pocket.

It's powered by a long-life lithium polymer battery designed for mobile GPS, bluetooth and cell phone devices. This allows the MileReg device to gather log data for days or weeks without recharge.*

*Depending on use.

Help Pages

Follow these quick steps in order.

Required Data

Learn the MileReg editing buttons.
These editing buttons are used throughout the MileReg interface.

Enter Vehicle information.
Enter specifics about vehicles that will be tracked with MileReg.

Enter Driver information.
Enter specifics about drivers that will be tracked with MileReg.

Enter Location information.
Enter information about your location of use.

Optional Data

Enter Standard Ride information.
Standard rides are common trips you take frequently like commuting to work. They are routes and rides you make often.

Enter Historical Ride information.
Ride history is the actual report of ride data that has been saved from the GPS data logging device. If you have written down or recorded past ride data you can enter it manually here.

Information Tabs

GPS Recorder Panel.
Under this tab is a panel that allows you to download and process recorded information from the GPS data logging device, and clear out past data (format).

GPS History.
Under this tab is the complete history of all the GPS data that's been processed in the MileReg System.