Device Information

Tiny device goes anywhere.

Smaller than the surface of six postage stamps, this tiny device easily fits in purse or pocket.

It's powered by a long-life lithium polymer battery designed for mobile GPS, bluetooth and cell phone devices. This allows the MileReg device to gather log data for days or weeks without recharge.*

*Depending on use.

GPS Recorder Information

The MileReg GPS recording device is a durable, all-in-one, cost-effective portable GPS logging solution.

Kneson Software specifically developed the MileReg application software for this particular device after much research and comparison of available hardware devices.

Kneson MileReg GPS Logger Specifications:

  • Dual mode for both Data record and Navigation
  • Data log up to 125,000 way points
  • 35 second average acquisition from cold start
  • 32 hour battery, 3 hours charging time via USB
This is an advanced, tiny, rugged device that will fit anywhere. Kneson MileReg software makes downloading, managing, viewing and reporting data effortless.

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Purchase MileReg and Receive:
  • MileReg 2.0 Software
    GPS logging device
    Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    Owner's Manual