Device Information

Tiny device goes anywhere.

Smaller than the surface of six postage stamps, this tiny device easily fits in purse or pocket.

It's powered by a long-life lithium polymer battery designed for mobile GPS, bluetooth and cell phone devices. This allows the MileReg device to gather log data for days or weeks without recharge.*

*Depending on use.

GPS Record Logger

Charge. Place in vehicle. Retrieve when you need to download GPS record log. Will keep recording unattended until switched off or runs out of battery power.

Cell phone and other applications must be "switched on" or you must remember to record mileage and purpose every single trip.

MileReg requires no interaction as long as it has power. It will continue to track every mile in 10 meter increments (very accurate). Just set it and forget it.
See mileage tracking route, time and speed on map.
NOTE: MileReg can be used as a GPS tracking device forever without further cost. There are no monthly fees.

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Purchase MileReg and Receive:
  • MileReg 2.0 Software
    GPS logging device
    Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    Owner's Manual